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Training Philosophy 

Above: A section of Pacific Coast Trail in the Soda Mountain Wilderness located in Southern Oregon. Below: Post 2017 Miwok 100K celebration with cycling extraordinaire B. Lee. 

Building rapport between an athlete and a coach is the foundation of a long-lasting and thriving relationship. It is important for the athlete / client to at least have a general idea of how his or her coach approaches training / fitness before initial contact. 

As with any athletic pursuit, I believe it is all about the training process and finding a healthy balance. Endurance training is laden with both physical and mental challenges coupled with learning how to balance the gambit of work-life stresses and how to hone time management skills. The training process takes the individual athlete through several stages of development and self-awareness, a process that doesn’t cease when a certain level of achievement is attained or when the target event is completed. It is continual, and it affords amazing opportunities for growth and self-understanding, along with a connection to community and joy. My aim is to work with each athlete to develop an individualized training plan that fits his or her individual goals and schedule, whether it is purely running-based, strength focused, or a combination of strength, running, and other endurance activities. Most importantly is the art of learning how to train for life and perform with a smile, and to always be open to self-discovery. It is a hit the ground running mentality that hopefully keeps the athlete feeling young through the years and healthy and strong every day. 

I also approach coaching with a scientific background. I am grounded in the peer-reviewed literature and I strive to deliver training programs that fit each individual’s needs and goals. I acknowledge that the athlete is the expert on his or her body and that my role is to guide, mentor, and to be present for accountability.  The coach-athlete relationship is dynamic, but one that can be achieved successfully with respect and open communication. Whether it is improving running economy, increasing speed, or strengthening the mental component of endurance and strength training, I am committed to each athlete regardless of background and fitness level.


Trinity Alps, CA

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