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Run Rabbit Run 2018
Nutmeg - "Buster Brown"

Nutmeg enjoys sprinting and doing an occasional binky out of pure joy for being a bunny. He is training for his next Rabbit Olympics in the steeplechase and 200 meter hurdles. He is afraid of weights because he thinks he will get bulky, which isn't true. He also likes to scrap with his old friend Barley. He is sweet as pie to his mom, but doesn't trust anybody else. He was raised well. 

Huber Woods County Park, NJ 2018
Stephanie - "S-MAC"

Stephanie is a dedicated student of movement and well-being. She is an accomplished ballerina and yoga practitioner. To round out her athletic abilities, S-MAC recently embraced more structured running and strength training into her weekly program. She is focused on finding and earning her better as an endurance and strength athlete. S-MAC loves a hard interval workout and running hill repeats on the trails near the Jersey Shore. She never backs down from a mobility or sandbag challenge. 

AB Wan .jpg
Mountain Lakes Wilderness, OR , 2018 with Diesel the dog.
Annie - "AB Wan"

Annie is an endurance queen. She has an engine that is built to last and fears no trail or mountain. She has a fondness for fast downhill, especially with her dog Diesel by her side. Annie is a registered dietitian and a certified specialist in sports dietetics. She has helped numerous athletes achieve their performance and training goals. Annie is not only enduring, but strong. She has added strength to her already demanding running schedule to keep her climbing all over the world and to be resilient and always ready for an adventure. 

Alison - "AB2"
Miwok 100, CA 2017

Alison is no stranger to the dirt trail under her feet with a long climb in front of her. She lives for that feel and that daily mountain scene, dog and friends with her for the ride. Alison is an accomplished professor of criminology at Southern Oregon University who also maintains a very challenging running schedule. This year she is preparing for the prestigious Western States Endurance Run 100. She is focused, meticulous, and a student of her running and fitness. Alison not only excels during her performances, but she is a race crew expert and helps many of her friends cross that finish line. 

Mindy - "MLB"

Mindy is a true "do it yourselfer." She is a talented engineer minded artist who enjoys her free time in the mountains or in the PNW streams. When she has time she likes to add an occasional road or trail race to her schedule. Mindy has also taken up strength training to keep her functional and moving through her physical days in service with the US Coast Guard.

Tahoe, CA 2018
Brooke - "Flowing Water"
Silver State 50 miler, 2016
Jami - "Little Paw"

Jami approaches strength training with honest excitement. She enjoys the benefits mobility and strength provide her trail running and challenging race schedule. Jami is no stranger to long endurance runs and pushing her limits in tough mountain races. Her positivity and passion for the dirt and running community add to her relentlessness. You can find Jami smiling and training in the hills outside Ashland, OR preparing for this year's Tahoe 200 miler. 

KL Gorge Waterfalls 50K 2014.jpg
Gorge Waterfalls 50K, OR , 2014
Kelly - "K-Pooh"

Kelly has a tremendous movement background steeped in science and hands on application. As an esteemed  Chiropractic Physician in Southern Oregon, Kelly specializes in sports related injuries and often works with high level athletes. In effort to enhance her trail running and the hustle of busy life, Kelly has embraced strength training to its fullest. She is particularly fond of balance and transverse plane movements. Kelly's extensive knowledge of the human body has been an asset and a motivation to keep creativity and focused purpose in her training program.

Melissa .jpg
P2P 100 Training, Oregon Coast, 2018
Melissa "#6"

Little Paw refers to Melissa as the ultimate closer. Melissa's resume and success out on the dirt is testament to that statement. Melissa doesn't back down from an ultrarunning challenge. She trains on the trails and in the hills along the rugged Oregon Coast, which prepares her for some of the nation's most difficult races such as the 2019 Bighorn 100. In order to keep her moving strong, she wanted to get stronger. Melissa enjoys learning new mobility moves and improving her overall durability. Alas, so she can continue to be that ultimate closer. 

John - "Shep"
john shep .jpeg
Somewhere in Missouri

John wears many hats and he wears them all well. John is a busy father of four in addition to being a husband, a runner, a cyclist, a race director, a coach, a business owner and so much more. This year he has added the challenge of the heralded Leadville 100 to his race schedule. John is a true athlete and is undaunted by hard running workouts. He nails them. His training ground is the rocky and hilly terrain on the outskirts of St. Louis, MO, where he hones his technical edge and can embrace the rollers.

Ashland Watershed, Oregon, 2019
Jessica - "Golden Girl"

Rock steady and rocking fast. Jess is a running tour de force with graceful ease. She has performed well and stepped up on the podium at some major trail races on the West Coast. Excited to boost her trail running adeptness even more, Jess added strength and mobility training to her weekly mileage. It also helps her keep up with her two fun and loving Golden Retrievers, Shasta and Willow. Jess enjoys lifting and slinging sandbags with AB Wan. She is eager to learn more and to be strong all over. 

Andrea - "Deputy"

Trinity Alps, CA

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