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About Molly  

Since my early childhood, living and embracing an athletic lifestyle has been a way of life. I grew up in a sports-minded family. Our work ethic and relentless positivity laid the foundation of performance, achievement, and community. During my youth, I competed in soccer, field hockey, and swimming. I learned humility and how to lose graciously at a very early age. I had the great fortune to be coached by some of the best leaders in soccer, coaches who cared about the development and growth of the complete person, not just athletic talent. I eventually focused my energies on soccer and played Division I soccer at Syracuse University. In graduate school I switched gears from team sports and started cycling competitively. With a solid background in both running and swimming, it was only a matter of time before I transitioned to triathlon. My passion for endurance sports was born while cycling and competing in triathlons alongside accomplished athletes and while training under the guidance of professional triathletes. A passion for trail running and ultra-running in addition to proper strength and conditioning eventually surfaced as my current raison d’etre. But this hyper-focus is not without high regard for the diversity of endurance sports and the necessary integration of other athletic and recreational adventures and an overall healthy lifestyle.


A great friend reminded me that a connection to nature and the splendor of exploration are fundamental reasons why I and many others seek out endurance adventures. She hit the nail on the head. Being outside is a fountain of youth, a wellspring of joy. 

I currently live and train in the beautiful Siskiyou mountains above Ashland, Oregon. I train athletes / clients of all levels locally out of my home studio. I also work with individuals online for both strength and endurance training.

The name Running Rabbit Endurance was inspired by my three delightful rabbits that keep me smiling and hopping.

Notable Athletic Accomplishments

2018 Pine to Palm 100, 1st Place Women

2018 Tahoe Rim Trail 50 mile, 1st Place Women

2018 Chubb Trail 25K, 1st Place Women, Women’s CR

2017 Siskiyou Outback 50 mile, 1st Place Women

2017 Miwok 100k, 1st Place Women

2016 Siskiyou Outback 50K, 1st Place Women

2013 Cougar Mountain 20 miler, 1st Place Women

2010 St. George Ironman, 4th Place Age Group

2009 Barb’s Race ½ Ironman, 1st Place Overall      

2008 Avenue of the Giants Marathon, 3rd Place, Women

2003 Collegiate Cycling Nationals

1998-2002 NCAA Division I Soccer, Syracuse University

DoubleChubb-2018-4126 (1).jpg
IMG_0851 (1).JPG

Above: Racing the Chubb Trail 25K in St. Louis, MO. Below: Mr. Barley helping me choose the best trail shoe for the day's run.

Fitness and Educational Background

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Sponsors / Ambassadorships

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Runner's High Herbals

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Trinity Alps, CA

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