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"Be stubborn on vision and flexible on journey."  - Noramay Cadena 


Welcome! My name is Molly, and I am the owner and fitness enthusiast of Running Rabbit Endurance LLC (RRE). RRE is more than just a basic running coach outfit. It stands out because I am able to offer athletes an invaluable strength training experience to enhance not only their performance, but their overall muscular endurance for daily life activities.


I come to coaching with a lifetime of experiences participating at an elite level with team sports and endurance activities, not just ultra-running. I am passionate about being “fit for life” and spreading that zest for an active lifestyle. In addition to being a certified strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer, I am a certified health coach, which strives to assist clients with behavioral change and making more healthful decisions. Regardless of your fitness, endurance, or health status, RRE aims to build a synergistic relationship based on respect and open communication so that your fitness, endurance, or health goals become a daily reality.  Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you will hop with me on a fitness adventure.


Hop Far. Hop Strong. Hop with Health.



Trinity Alps, CA

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